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I think I ran into this same problem.

M4 Pineapple, installed the latest update to tcpdump onto the /usb thumbdrive.

Captures are sent to the /usb/... directory...so far so good.

However, when I click on the History tab, and then hover over the download link, it says:


When I click on this, I'm shown a white page with an 'X' in it.

That's a bummer.

Looking in data.php, it seems that the problem is that $rel_dir is "/usb/infusions/". The path is therefore set to be the above link.

If we change that /usb to /components, then everything just seems to work well and I can download the reports like before.

In /usb/infusions/tcpdump/includes/data.php, I added a couple lines above the line that generates the download link:

$trans = array("/usb" => "/components");

$newrel_dir = strtr($rel_dir,$trans);

echo "<a href=\"javascript:javascript:location.href='".$newrel_dir.............(include the rest of the line).

That's got it working for me.

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