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A better set of rescue disks

Drifting Sno

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Okay, so I have this set of rescue disks that my laptop prompted me to make when I first got it. However, with the way HP set it up, it has a separate 12GB partition that it accesses whenever I use the boot disks to restore it back to factory settings. Recently I just used these disks to restore my laptop, and had to spend another hour or so uninstalling all the crap apps that came with it, and installing all the apps that I use daily.

Now what I was wondering was, is there a way to make a set of boot discs that can restore my computer back to the way it is now withour relying on the 12GB partition? I know that there has to be some utils out there, i'm just not sure what they would be. I would love your guys' input on the matter so that I can finally rid myself of the stupid partition that HP created and regain those 12GB. :D

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If you have it just the way you want it right now, get an image. You can use Ghost, or DriveImage XML.

I made a BartsPE disk with the DriveImage XML modual and make/restore images of PCs at home and at work. It's a nice little program and best of all, it is free.

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