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Ideal power supply for the Mark V (and IV)


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There is a lot of threads complaining about the Mark V (and Mark IV) not having enough juice.

What is the absolutely best power supply for the Mark V?

I do know it accepts 5-12V.

I have totally no clue about powering electronics.

If one had the choice, what would be the best?

I remember Watt = Voltage * Ampere

5V 2.5A, which results in 10W?

12V 1.5A which results in 18W?

Is there a maximum which should not be exceeded? And what is that maximum? Is it the Wattage?

Does the same apply for the Mark IV?

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The Juice 1800 got 10.8-12.6V 1800mAh

I tried with a EasyAcc 12000 which got 5V 12000mAh

The Juice can handle a Alfa extra but the EasyAcc don't, the Pineapple is in a bootloop :(

So I guess, if you just using the Pineapple a 5V source is fine, unless it have 2Ah output

I've got some Lipo's lying around from my older Helicopter, maybe i make a batpack out of them ;)

I'll report when its done

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5V 12,000mAh = 5V 12A = 60W

I assume you're talking about battery packs / power banks?

In this case the manufacturer probably isn't spec'ing the output but the capacity of the battery itself

So it doesn't mean that the output is 60W

What I was talking about was standard 220v PSU's.

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