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Where to start! :) NEWBIE HERE


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Helllooooooo there.
I been interested in hacking (white hat) for a good few years and only the last few weeks i have been looking into it more and more and trying to learn about it.

I was wondering where should I start?
What software and tool would be handy and easily to learn for beginners?


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I don't necessarily think it's what "tool" would be best or easy to use but more so as to what concepts and practices I should learn. I would start by understanding the types of attacks and how they are performed. Understanding the history of devices/programs/concepts and how they work will lead you to a better understanding. There is no simple way to say "here is how you hack". Hacking comes in many shapes and forms as well as uses. You first need to see what interests you, more so what do you mean by learning how to "hack". What is your goal?

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Well here is how I got started.

Learn how to use a Linux operating system (Ubuntu, Kali-Linux etc.)
Learn how to use the terminal.

Get smart on the legal aspect of hacking/pen-testing so you avoid breaking the law.

Read a lot of history about computers and hacking. Some stories are fascinating.

Watch a few documentaries about hacking, some good tips there and a lot of graphic explanations.

Read a lot of hacker related books. Mostly ones that aren't outdated.

Learn at least one programing/scripting language. A good place to start is Python.

Learn how networking works, TCP/IP packets

Learn how to use these common programs: Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, Reaver, Wireshark, Nmap, sqlmap, Nessus, WPscan, Uniscan, THC-Hydra etc...

Get some hacker gear, like a usb wifi dongle that supports packet injection and monitor mode, a rubberducky etc.

Set up a workspace/lab where you can hack into your own secondary computer/laptop/router etc. Preferably weak and outdated operating systems.


last but not least. Keep yourself updated on the latest news about hacking, hacking tools, exploits and vulnerabilities. Good place to get updated is http://www.cvedetails.com
http://www.hak5.com (obviously)


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I disagree with what most of these people said. I personally found that learning a scripting language was the most wasteful time of my life. Since you are on a hak5 forum, I suggest buying the rubber ducky. Besides that, there's nothing that you really need to buy to start " hacking " for the record, there's no such thing as " White hat hacking " it's all just black hat, just a personal opinion, you could probably go and prove me wrong though. You honestly can't know everything by reading a book. It takes time to slowly learn stuff. I do want to make sure you acknowledge this, hacking will disappoint you. It's nothing like people think it is.

I advise you buy McAfee, though. Dealing with hacking community's you will often download a virus or two, nothing to be afraid of.

Start writing windows batch files, they are fun. Also, check out this forum -( Hackforums.net )- just don't make another post like this there.

I hope this helped a little bit.

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Why / how is learning a scripting language a bad idea? If anything I'd say go lower level and learn something like C

I have to agree on this. Recon-NG which was voted to be one of the most usefull tools for hackers, is written in python. There are a lot of exploits and really awesome scripts written in python.

I'm a script/programming noob myself, and I remember trying python and discovering out how easy/powerful and supported it is. I even managed to write a few exploits myself.

I recommend a book called "Violent Python"

Starting programming is like being a limbo dancer... start high, and push yourself to get lower and lower!

Hah, I never thought about it like that. Should I take dancing lessons as well? ;)

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