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Ducky just flashing green?


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So, I just recently got my ducky, and when I downloaded and ran a few commands I decided to make my own. After trying it, it didn't work, so I went to go and run one I had already ran ( That did work ) and now when I plug my ducky in, all it does it flash green with almost no break in-between. Help!

Can someone give me a full explanation on how to use this? And how to fix it.. Thanks :unsure:

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1) Do you know what firmware you are running?

2) What is your script?

3) What version of the Encoder

4) Have you read the FAQ / Guide

1. Whatever came on the Ducky ( purchased dec 22nd 2013 )

2 The script came from online, it was to just make a new user. But I used different scripts and they all worked.

3 what encoder? The script I wrote was from online and you just download it. Could I get a download link to the encoder?

4. Yes. I'm wondering if I did something wrong when replacing the inject.bun

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