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Pineapple Says SD Card Not Installed / Not enough room to install anything


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Things went wrong after a failed infusion install of 'random roll'. When I try and install any infusion it no longer gives me the option where I want to install it.

It says I either have no SD card installed or there is not enough room. I have formatted the SD Card using resources so no idea whats happening. The reformat didn't work, in fact when I try reformatting it again without it in there it says the same thing and seems to format so not sure if it is seeing the card at all.

So I put the SD card in a phone and tried to format it and I couldn't so it looks like its buggered.

Any ideas how I can fix the card ?

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I had the same or a similar issue. Infusions couldn't be consistently installed/accessed on the SD Card (sometimes it would mount, sometimes it wouldn't). I kept tryihng to format the SD card that came with the Pineapple but it failed. I ultimately replaced the bad SD card with a newly formatted card and re-flashed. Worked fine after the replacement.

Good luck.

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If you are seeing issues such as corruption or lost SD cards, you may be performing too many operations for the SD card to handle. It's not a class 10 card. A simple re-format should make the card be available again.

If you want to have extreme stability, grab yourself any size class 10 micro SD and you'll be sailing smoothly!

Best Regards,


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