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Plugging a Mk V into a DHCP equipped LAN


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Hi Everybody,

I'm still experimenting with my new Wifi Pineapple V and came across a scenario that I'd like some advice on.

So far to get internet connectivity to my Mk V I have used internet connection sharing via a laptop connected directly to the Ethernet port and I have also configured wlan1 as a client to a nearby WiFi access point. Both of these methods have worked well.

I'd also like be able to connect the Mk 5 to an existing wired LAN network (with internet access) via Ethernet and then access the Mk 5 via the network. This network has it's own DHCP server and router/gateway. As you know the Mk 5 has a fixed IP address and DHCP server to hand out IP addresses to clients.

I'm thinking that I could possibly configure a DIP switch setting to disable the DHCP server on the Mk 5 at boot and enable dynamic addressing on the eth0 device. I could then find the IP address assigned to the Mk 5 via the gateway routers DHCP table.

Has anyone else used a Mk5 in a situation like this?


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Thanks awskier08!!

That was quite simple (ashamed I didn't think of that :wacko:) and works perfectly. The br-lan interface got it's IP address via eth0 and the existing network DHCP server. Does this change also stop the WiFi Pineapples own DHCP server?

I suppose a simple DIP solution would be to have two "network" files stored in the WiFi Pineapple... one left untouched for standalone operation with a directly Ethernet connected laptop (with internet sharing) and one for use on a LAN with an external DHCP.

The default DIP switch setting could "cp /root/temp/network-default /etc/config/network" and another DIP switch setting would "cp /root/temp/network-lan /etc/config/network".

Depending on the DIP switch setting this would copy the appropriate file (and rename it to "network"). Hopefully the DIP switch function operates BEFORE the network starts up. Might also need to restart eth0 to pick up the new settings.

Of course approach this would undo any other changes that have been made in the /etc/config/network file on each boot of the Wifi Pineapple eg. for wireless interfaces.


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