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cool hak tip and thing about metasploit .


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I like the hak tip about net cat. I wonder if they can be used to determine what version of windows I am running. I will have to test it out. Again I mention the xpocalypse is comming. If you are required to run the latest and greatest os with all the current updates this might be able to be used. I wonder if companies and others that require the transfer of secure personal data to be sent over the internet do this.

I would like to check out metasploit which I have been dragging my feet on. There is a couple of other things I want to fool around with; I saw a video about this. Using set in Kali to do things. Play with WPA TKIP on my home router. Yes I am a little behind I took a picture of a drone and a pineapple from new years. We have a new years bash; they drop a pineapple not the one you are thinking of. If I knew about the drone I could of had a little fun at work. Too manys other wifi signals around me plus I was too busy at work.

I did write down my fios config using the ethernet connection from the ONT to the switch and how I made it work and the commands for the switch. Basic routing between between Vlans no router or linux box on a stick with sub interfaces. I will make a graphic to show how I did this. I even still have all the functions of the set top box.

Lastly people I know call me a computer geinus or other thing they need to stop.

I am a regular computer guy like anyone else.

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