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Aircrack-ng - Infusion


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Hey together :)

I would like to install aircrack-ng on my Mark V.

On https://wifipineapple.com/index.php are all the available Pentest Packages listed...

Available Pentest Packages include aircrack-ng, dsniff, easy-creds, ettercap, hping3, httptunnel, karma, kismet, macchanger, mdk3, ngrep, nmap, nodogsplash captive portal, privoxy, ptunnel, snort, sslsniff, sslstrip, ssltunnel, stunnel, tcpdump, tor, and reaver.

But when I go to the Pineapple Mark V Infusiones Website I can't find aircrack-ng.

Would be great if somebody could tell me where to find it or if there is a way to install it manually from the original software files...

Many thanks and alle the best!

Cheers Joe

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Hey, thanks for your answer!

I'm new to this system. Could you please explain that a bit more exactly or send me a link where I find mor Information about how to use SSH on the Pineapple? Would be awesome ;)

Cheers Joe

First you need putty (or similar)


Then this might help you get started


Hopefully someone else will chime in here and give you a few pointers.

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