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My local time zone is not included :-(


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Hi Everybody,

I've have my WiFi Pineapple V for a week and today I have decided to sit down and have a play.

First thing that I have noticed is that my time zone is not in the drop down list! :( I live in South Australia where we are normally 9.5 hours ahead of UTC. At the moment with daylight savings we are 10.5 hours ahead of UTC. Neither of these options are available so I can never set my WiFi Pineapple to my local time. The Northern Territory is also affected by this but they don't change for daylight savings, they stay at 9.5 hours ahead all year. There are a number of regions in the world that have weird time zones. There is even a 45 minute time zone in Australia and Nepal is 5.75 hours (5 hours 45 minutes) ahead of UTC.


What is the best way to submit a "bug report" about this? The addition of a "daylights savings" check box would be good too... a simple way to add an hour to the local time offset. eg. +9.5 hours ahead of UTC becomes +10.5 hours... -5.0 hours behind UTC becomes -4.0 hours and so on.

For now I am working in UTC... being a ham radio operator I am used to this. But it would be nice if the log files are named in local time.


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I'm trying to update the time zone information on my Wifi Pineapple to give me local time.

I've added time zone info for Australia/Adelaide in /usr/share/zoneinfo from a recently updated Raspberry Pi...

then updated the symbolic link...

ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Adelaide /etc/localtime

But I still am having no luck.

root@Pineapple:/# date
Tue Jan 21 09:50:22 GMT 2014


Time to create a Bug Report I think.


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