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Pineapple Juice 12800 Not Working Correctly.


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Hey guys.

So my Pineapple Juice 12800 isn't working properly. When I have the charger in (wall charger) and I turn the switch on the Juice to on a red light will stay until I turn off Juice or remove power. So I try to turn it on so I can use it with my WiFi Pineapple and the Juice isn't showing any lights nor is the WiFi Pineapple being powered..

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Thanks for being there Seb!

Already did, with CC to snubsie too... but I'm not in the US, I'm afraid a return it's not really possible, I had to wait months for friend to bring me the Mark V. It won't happen again soon.

I'm seeing other threads with people having this very same issue... apparently it's matter of resoldering/reconnecting something... I'm horrible with hardware... maybe a quick guide for the unlucky ones? I know it voids the warranty, but it's easier, and faster, and probably cheaper geting it fixed locally.

Btw, big fan!

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Still no one answered, I know I just voided the warranty but I think I might fixed it, there was a loose cable, with a tiny tiny tiny soldered spot on one end... just fixed that and now it seems to be working.

I have a few questions though: 1) Does the red light in the juice pack ever goes away? 1a) When charging it, it also stay red all the way the 10+ hours? 2) Does it get slightly warm like most batteries? 3) How you guys use it, in terms of "I've been using it for 2 hours, should I recharge it a little bit? (is that good for the battery, or better drain the whole charge, and then start over?), 4) "any way to know how much charge is left?" and some other silly questions that I'm holding back :)

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Nope, both the red lights (on battery pack and chager will stay while in the on position) the green light will be on while charging.

I belive the battery is a li-ion battery so, keep it charged, try not to run it down too much (use 50% if possible then charge avoid going lower then 20%), keep it cool eg. not in the sun. The battery pack does get slightly warm. if you decide your not going to use it much keep it at about 40 - 50% charge in a coolish place then charge when you want to use.

im not sure how to check the charge left, but i would base it on the run time, say 300 mins. i would charge after 150 - 240mins.

With the 1800mAh juice pack on a full charge i only get a maxium of 5hrs... alot less then 8hrs and it will only get worse over time.

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