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I am thinking about linking two computer, one with processing power and one with storage.

But cannot decide with interface to use, i want something on the cheap side, but with 3Gbps+ speed, also don;t want to go via a switch or any other "hardware" in between, just a 1m cable.

It would have been ideally to use 1Gbps ethernet with a cross cable, but i need something that can deliver 3Gbps+.

The storage system is going to have Linux, but on the other one I haven't decided yet. It can be Linux or VMware ESXi, so the link has to be something that i can install drivers for in each system.

Any ideas?

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If the idea is for performance, I would say just add the storage to the box and keep it as native as possible by not adding extra steps in between. This will get you the 3+ Gbps transfer rates.

The other option is to go with a SAN, which is basically a computer that manages a disk array for just storage. They are not cheap so it will not fit your criteria.

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