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Figured it out finally everything is working yeah awesome. router or linux box on a stick.


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All my headaches are gone. The whole problem was my static I ordered 5 static ip's they were not

set up right on the service providers end. The action tech mi424 will not do 5 static ip addresses.

My solution is use vlan 1 ports 1-6 on my switch. plug the ethernet cable from the ont fiber optic box thing on the wall. use the small linksys routers I had from the previous setup. Put the ip addresses they gave me into each router. plug the wan port from each router into vlan one. Plug one lan port from each router to vlan 2 3 4. Leaving one ip for the set top box and their secure wifi. Since they give one ethernet cable and 5 ip address'es the switch thing in vlan 1 will work. I could also take a box with linux on it and trunk 802.1q aka linux box on a stick with sub interfaces. Even use a cisco box router on a stick with sub interfaces. Using the router and vlans was they did it before router or linux box on a stick. The cisco sf300-24 is great for the money switch. Reasearch

Subinterfaces on routers trunking 802.1q. Might as well check into subinterfaces and vlans on linux. I think it just needs the correct kernel module. I will drink a cigar city beer now to celebrate or some other tasty beverage.

p.s The drone or flying object thing for the pineapple coutd be cool.

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