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Antenna question


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Would this work for my mark v?

I have my mark v at home..


or do i need another connector to make it from female to male?

Like Foxtrot said, this will not work.

It would work if you get yourself an adapter though. There are plenty of threads in this forum discussing what works and what doesn't.

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I was watching this Reaver Pro video yesterday and wondering if the same trick would work with a Wifi Pineapple?


Has anyone tried this on a Wifi Pineapple? Did it make the Pineapple significantly more potent?

Would a Mark V Pineapple need two amplifiers? (One amplifier for each antenna).

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Short answer is yes, it will work. Amplifiers work great for many different applications. I use a Hawking amp and a large antenna all the time. You don't need two unless what you are trying to do might need it. I use one on the wlan0 side when I want to broadcast the AP further away. I use it on the wlan1 side for Reaver or bully. Etc

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