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phishing questions


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I was able to do the following so far:

1) setup dbsspoof

2) setup the redirect.php page

3) create facebook.htm page.

I am not able to the following yet:

1) Once a user gets on facebook page and enters the credentials, where are the credentials logged? I do not see phishing.log file anywhere on the Mark V like I see it on several youtube videos. Can somebody please help me to find out where I can get the actualy credentials that were entered on my custom phishing page?

2) Can I have the user go to the actual real website after they enter their credentials on my phishing page?

3) I do not want my Mark V to be a unsecured WIFI network. Can I have a WEP and set up a key for users to connect to it? If yes, how and from where I do set this up?



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