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Problem on first boot


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I have a brand new pineapple MKV but can't seem to get it to perform the initial flash. I've updated the SD with latest download and even used the recovery mode to restore the stager but neither of these caused any change in behaviour.

On power up the pineapple all of the lights come on briefly then the blue one goes out, followed by the yellow one. The red light remains on for a few second and then goes out too.

5 - 10 seconds later the yellow light starts flashing and remains flashing until I remove the power (longest time I left it was for about 45 minutes.

Can anyone help?


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IanL I have done the same thing. After I upload the stager file via in my browser and flip the dip switch to all up my blue light stays solid. At least now I know it is not the ethernet cable or the micro SD card. I have been get lots of responses on Google Plus https://plus.google.com/118241806298188439103/posts/iCaAQ3QUdLa

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I've tried reflashing and reformating the SD card but with no change.

I can ping the pineapple as it seems to be running a DHCP server when the yellow light is flashing but there is no web interface.

Starting to think there is a hardware problem with the built in SD card reader.

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