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Issues with tcpdump


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I just got these same antennas today along with the proper adapters. They were worse than stock. A lot worse. Let me know how your experience is.

I'm almost tempted to think my Mark V has signal issues. My Mark V can just about see my router on the other side of the house let alone actually being able to perform any successful attacks on it while my 7 old laptop with a broadcom b/g mini pci-e card can attack with ease.

yeah, ive been having issues with tcpdump on my pineapple.. it just doesnt wanna capture anything.. i hit capture it says its running and then i refresh the page and its not running.. even if i leave it alone after hitting start capture ill come back 30mins later and there are no capture files

I kinda wish the pineapple included these rpsma to sma adaptors honestly..

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I am probably doing something wrong.. but I had it working the day before with no problems
I've got Karma running, wlan0 enabled, wlan1 disabled, and tcp dump set to capture on wlan0.. When i hit capture it says "tcpdump is running..." but then if i refresh the page it says "Start capture" again and it isn't running..
I even click start capture inside the tcpdump infusion and waited with that screen up for about 30 minutes and checked.. no pcap files saved :huh:
when using tcpdump infusion that is installed on the micro sd card, does it save the pcap files on the micro sd?
Also if anyone cares to enlighten me on boot modes, What would be the best way to setup a boot mode for auto start karma and tcpdump?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated :D
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I have no issues with tcpdump on mine, you may be using the wrong interface. Down the wireless interface, create a monitor interface using airmon-ng, run tcpdump on the mon0 interface.

yeah thats what i was thinking, ill give that a try

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