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hardware info required


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Hi all,

I was wondering if any1 here knows some hardware with the following requirements:

  • Has to be able to run linux os
  • Needs 2 ethernet ports ( 100Mb is enough )
  • Pref sd card or usb for OS
  • Low power consumption

Basicly its to make a small router. The best i could find is a Mirabox. But its still a bit to pricy for my needs ( dont need wifi + bluetooth )

Any leads for other hardware is welcome.

kind regards,


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Thx to Mr-Protocol for helping me along the right search path.

I found this:


There are a few different version. But they already got loads of linux and bsd support.

It seems a very nice platform to build upon. A Minipci slot to add wireless if you want/need it


looks nice! would be nice with pfsense or openWRT

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I´ve never tested the throughput. It´s not really interesting for me because of the limitation on the side of the ISP.

The CPU usage is normally about 1%. So i don´t think that i ever maxed the cpu.

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