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Problem with Bootmodes


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I'm trying to start my AutoSSH Connection with an script which I start with the Bootmodes.



sleep 2m

/etc/init.d/autossh restart


The internetconnection is over the ethernetcable but the AutoSSH wont start.

I guess that the Pineapple is trying to start it, but at that moment there isn't an external IP-Adress assigned to the Pineapple.

So I thought a script should wait for 2 minutes and after that, restart the autoSSH service.

But it doesnt work... I tried it with an existing Internetconnection via Clientmode to my phone and that worked out perfectly.

I can't get to my Pineapple, because Im in a dormitory and I can't find the IP-Adress of the Pineapple.

Hopefully anybody could understand the above description... Sorry my english, isn't the best.

Edit: I tried now also the cronjob tab. Without success...

Greets from Austria

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