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Channel "-1" Issue


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Not sure exactly where this should go, not an issue with a particular infusion, but a general one.

Has anyone else had trouble with the "-1" channel problem? I've been getting it when using Bully and Airodump. Bully in particular won't let me do anything at all. I get an error about being unable to set channel on mon0.

I had the same problem with the aircrack-ng suite on my laptop, but I just compiled the bleeding edge version which has a --ignore-negative-one. That solved it in the sense that I could use the program, but it still said "CH: -1" at the top.

Anyone else had anything like this?

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You need to down the interface, and then run airmon-ng start wlan1. Downing the interface before creating the monitor interface should fix your issue.

I also found this problem weird, but by bringing wlan1 down and doing airmon-ng start wlan1 solved the problem.

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