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Greetings HAK5,
I have a system/tool I have created that WILL help some of you reset and clear the Password/TPM on select HP Probook/Elitebook laptops. I originally shared my work with YouTube and MyDigitalLife.info (so some of my links point to my posts there, not trying to cross-link or anything. Just trying to keeping relevant information in the right places. If that's against s the rules, a MOD may edit them out.

This is Bar-None the single best software based solution to HP Pro/Elitebook BIOS password resets. 100% Legit. No Scam, No Spam, No virus. Look at my 26K+ views youtube video, and read the comments. I have downloads from all over the world, and I'm just here to share my work with this community.

There are now 2 versions of my tool. The Original Windows based system what creates a key based on your input, or the new DOS based tool that gets all parameters automatically. Both links will be presented here in this post. See this [ Post ] for information on my newest release. My windows based solution offers a bit better support for more models, while my DOS tool-set is just easier to use.

Please read everything and ask questions. I haven not yet seen a bricked BIOS, but I have see where maybe extra steps are needed to reprogram. No biggie, just a hassle.

My story begins as this:
A few months back, I got an HP Core i7 Probook 6550b from my dad (that he picked up 2nd hand). It had a busted display though. Upon repair, it was found to be BIOS Password protected. And thus began my quest. Long story short here, I did what I set out to do. I was able to reset the TPM, and clear the password. Along the way, I have applied my technique to a few other models and have confirmed successful TPM reset. This is a software based solution. No disassembly, or removal of any parts (unless your boot order is locked, then there is a little work to be bone, see end of post)

New Windows Based utility package. Now archive contains an IMG file and tool to burn IMG to USB. USB will be bootable. Boot your HP to USB to get system info automatically. Then boot to windows, and run HP BIOS Reset.exe from USB. You can now Import your information and make a key. Reboot back to USB to run your Key. Updated Readme. Updated GUI. Enjoy.

[UPDATE BIOS]01-03-2014
If you need to update your BIOS, see my post here: http://bit.ly/Kp5yAv

HP 6550B, HP 2530P, HP 6930P, HP 8530W, HP 8460P, HP 6460B, HP 2230S ,HP 6455B, HP 2730P, HP 8530P, HP 2740P, HP 4310S, HP s4510, HP 6535B, HP 6730B, HP 6735B, HP 8730W, HP 2560P, HP 8560P, HP 8440P, HP 8540W, HP 8560W
If your model is not listed you may experiment with the 'Make All' or SHOTGUN.

Windows Based Tools


To use this system, select your supported hp probook/elitebook model
from the drop-down list. The Serial Number field and UUID Filed will need
to be populated with data. This data needs to be that of your own
laptop's. Booting to this thumbdrive (if this package was created from official .img)
will obtain this information automatically and can be imported.

Once data is entered/imported into the fields, click the 'make key' or 'Make All' button and a file will be
created in the /output folder.

You may then reboot to this thumbdrive and CD to 'output' and run your exe file, or CD to '\output\all'
and run shotgun.bat

Displays this information

Booting to this USB Drive will collect information about your and save it to file.
Clicking 'Import' will read the information and fill out the fields automatically.
If you have noot booted this thumbrive, there will be nothing to import.

Is your modle not on the list? Use the 'Make All' button to create all posible
keys Using your UUID and SN. This will output them to the '\output\all' directory.
This will also create shotgun.bat file. Boot to this thumbdrive and CD to '\output\all\.
Run shotgun.bat.

This makes a single Key based on your SN and UUID for the selected Model.
file will be created in the '\output' folder.
Reboot to this thumbdrive and CD to '\output' and run your exe file.

If your BIOS has a locked set boot order, and will only boot to HDD,
you need to take a laptop sata drive and use an external adapter and
make it dos bootable on another host machine also placing the files
on this drive, then replace the internal hdd with your created dos
boot-able HDD. Powering on the machine will boot to the dos
environment. Using DOS commands, navigate to your files and
execute them following directions on screen. BIOS will be free of
passwords, TPM will be cleared.

There may be unforeseen negative results stemming from use of this
system. By downloading and using my tools, you agree to use them at
your own risk. This was originally for myself, but I have opened up to
the community. I am not a professional programmer. There is no
guarantee of success using this tool, even on units that are marked as



Thank you for looking. I welcome all feedback good or bad, just trying to help people.

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Hi - I bought a used HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1, and it has the problem with the BIOS password being set. I have tried your utility, but it didn't work for this model. Will there be any updates, or does anyone have a way to unlock the Revolve?

thank you

The Captain

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