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Cannot get SSLStrip to work at all


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I have the latest Pineapple software on a MK5 (1.0.4) and have SSLStrip downloaded (V1.5)

When enabled with Karma I get redirected to the website I have requested in my browser but it never strips off the HTTPS leaving me with plain old HTTP.

I am connecting via WIFI to my Pineapple Access Point (not on the laptop connected via a LAN cable and sharing my home WIFI before anyone asks) and the Pineapple just acts as a gateway without seemingly doing anything.

Could someone please point me in the right direction ?


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I too am having a problem using the ssl strip. i have the pineapple mk5 and the latest version loaded. when i start ssl strip it says it is running but then it stops on it's own. nothing collected, nothing working at all. i am a complete newbie here. i just follow the videos for instructions on how to use them but the instructions and what i'm getting are two different results.......all the step by step instructions SEEMS easy enough but nothing works for me. when i click on start ssl strip i don't see the "ssl strip output_1392514963.log and the date"...what am i doing wrong? please help

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