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[Script]FruityCracker Announcement


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What is FruityCracker?

FruityCracker is a bash script that can crack wireless networks , capture wpa handshakes , Evil twin (Open,Wep,Wpa,Wpa2 ) and more features to come !


Tested Configuration: Pineapple MK5 1.0.4

Questions or Problems

Please Let me know what you would like to see in this script below !

Release Date


Author : Jesse Izeboud

Other scripts i made : FruitySniffer

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So something like wifite + the ability to do Evil Twin APs. And work in FruitySniffer?

Theoretical: Crack the network, replicate it, lure clients on, then sniff. All in the same script? Groovy.

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How can it crack WPA / WPA2 networks ? I think it will need dictionary file ?

I'm guessing Reaver or Bully... so WPS only.

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It collects handshakes so yes it would need a dictionary file. Probably best to use a small common passphrase dictionary file on the pineapple and then offload the handshake to a desktop/laptop when/if that doesn't work. This does not appear to be a WPS cracking tool like reaver or bully.

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