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I haven't been able to get it going.

I did modify my dnsmasq.conf file to use my as the dns server, but it never wants to re-direct to redirect.php

I have been looking through this: http://blog.philippheckel.com/2013/07/18/how-to-dns-spoofing-with-a-simple-dns-server-using-dnsmasq/

I did setup hosts with /etc/dnsmasq.hosts

I tried all of the above to no avail.

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I'm confused. Are you talking about Phishing pages using the onboard dnsspoof? Or are you talking about using this dnsmasq program to phish? If it's the second one I don't think I've seen anyone talking about using it on a Pineapple. I could be wrong, I just don't remember.

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dnsmasq is on the pineapple, its a main component I think.

But you really should just use dnsspoof, which is really easy to set up and requires no crap to get it up and running :)

I'll try this when I get home. Thank you. :)

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First is where it's supposed to go. Then what to redirect there. * (This one sends all traffic to the pineapple's landing page.) *facebook.com (That one should catch any .com with facebook in it) * (This one sends all traffic to Bing.com. You have to do a DNSlookup and find the IP address.) *google.com ( This would send anyone trying to get to Google to Bing)

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I have it working, but it appears that twitter wants to redirect to https://twitter.com

facebook brings up the webpage - facebook.com/facebook.html

twitter brings up https://twitter.com/ and it cannot connect.

when i do an nslookup of twitter.com it comes up to as the dns server

any ideas? I have been playing around with it for a few days but cannot get it to come up correctly.

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