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Reaver pro is built on the old MKIV pineapple plat form: The pro version offers nothing more than a GUI i would invest in the Pineapple mk5 with the command line version of reaver same results but more versatility. Cheaper too.

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Reaver is good as one of your tools in your bag, not the primary tool you would go to. Certainly not worth $200 in my book. If there were 20 routers nearby, maybe 8 would have wps enabled, and maybe I could crack 2 of those with Reaver without setting off any security. Those 2 would probably be the oldest in the list.

I could usually only get 3/10 wps enabled routers anyway.

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I got one on a Holiday sale for $74.......that should be the regular price.

I have been able to get ssh going and im going to try to add wifite and maybe a few other things to it, to try to make it more useful.

Not sure how i could reflash if I mess it up, I cannot find any firmware at Reaver Systems.

Does anyone know how i could image what is on it so I could have a backup just in case?

I would have not bought it at regular price......$200 is just too much.

I doubt they will sell many at that price.

If you have the money to burn @$200 your better off getting two Mark V's, Reaver works great on the Pineapple as mreidiv stated.

That is what is so great about Darren and the Hak5 crew, they kept the price point affordable for such a unique product with the Mark V.

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Someone in the IRC managed to get a bin file. Can't remember his name though, 'kevwhite' i think. You could ask him if you like.

Thank you very much Foxtrot I will try to find him.

Another reason (probably the best) to get a Mark V instead........The Community and support here is sooooo good.

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