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What is the minimum operating temperature for the MKV and 18 hour battery?


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Cold temperature increases the internal resistance and diminishes the capacity. Batteries that would provide 100 percent capacity at 27°C (80°F) will typically deliver only 50 percent at –18°C (0°F).

The performance of all battery chemistries drops drastically at low temperatures. At –20°C (–4°F) most nickel-, lead- and lithium-based batteries stop functioning. Although NiCd can go down to –40°C (-40°F).


Well there is so much info on this but a Linksys router is designed for 32-104° F.

On a side note, it hit 5°F the last couple of days and my gps fired right up in my car, although the display was a little slow to refresh. Just keep your radios at 1 watt and it should keep itself warm ;)

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