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CCA cable = bad.


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Boxes of copper clad alluminum wire are out there. They do not meet any category standard. (5,5e,6) What is worse they generate a lot of heat. Which is bad for phones and poe. Something else if you mix two metals together they tend to corode or oxidize. Worked on boats and fishing gear. I worked in a hardware store for 15 years and worked on a few houses. Helping friends try to sell house before the market died. Having o to do some rewiring not fun. Alluminum wire is brittle and generates heat. It is known to catch on fire. I don't think it can be ratted as cmr or cmp for that matter.

The solution is keep doing what you guys do with WIFI and the Pineapple. This will help people learn how wifi works. Bandwidth is getting less expensive so fiber to the desktop with an ethernet tranceiver is an option or network card with fiber instead . Check out 802.11ac

The most important do not listen to the critics of the wifi pineapple. Lets get good beer to where people live. Rock out.

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