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duel FTP servers showing as 1?


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i was wondering if it is possible to have 2 ftp servers show as 1 server or as 2 folders when connecting to an ftp address, i mean like have server A and B, then when the user connects to the FTP address the see "Server A" and "Server B" as folders, in stead of having 2 address's and needing to create mulitiple accounts.

Both servers are currently running F3 using Pure-FTP.

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Hummmm I am not understanding the purpose here. Why would you want to be running two different servers if after they connect they see both of them as folders. Explain it a little more please. Thanks

Maybe so its easyer to move data around from one server to another, if the program see's both servers and treats them as the "same" server through the use of folders then you should be able to copy data from one server to the other with out having to first move it onto your computer.

I dont know a program that does what you want, but im sure someone in this community could code something up, i know ruby has a nice class that makes it very easy to implement an ftp client.

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