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Wifi Pineapple MK4 with accessories $50? bay area

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i ranted about my experiences with this gadget here: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30654-my-mkiv-30-experience-so-far/

a user contacted me and i have to let him be first in line at this price, but if he doesnt want it, im open to other offers. here's what i wrote him:

Feel free to name your price or trade stuff.. Considering the new one is $99 and ive never got this one to work, $50 shipped. I'll take bitcoin too. it's missing the ac adapter that came with it, but it doesnt matter because i have the usb cable. i also have the pineapple juice battery pack for portability and the case that came with. also a cat5 cable and usb thumb drive i was using for storage.

the only janky part is the antenna. it;s never had bad performance from that, but it's cheap and the part where it connects to the main unit isnt as sturdy as i'd like. you cant fully screw it down so its always a little loose. never been a problem but i just want to be very open about everything, esp considering i never got the damn thing working!!


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