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[Thank You] 2013 - Hacker Year of the Duck!


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At the end of 2012, our aim was to implement the Hacker Zodiac with 2013 starting with the year of the Duck!

The USB Rubber Ducky (aka Ducky) has seen some important advancements due to the tremendous support from the Hak5 community.

A brief summary:

  • The Ducky now supports BOOT MODE and should work if the BIOS supports USB Keyboards
  • Anti-Virus / Device Management Evasion
  • Additional language key-mapping support (still ongoing...)
  • Improved Ducky Encoder
  • Additional and Fun Payloads spanning various Operating Systems: WinXX, Linux, OSX, BSD, Solaris
  • Lots of bug fixing
  • Lots of source code released
  • Additional Frameworks eg. Simple-Duck-Payload-Generator, DuckToolkit :D
  • Most importantly - a BIGGER community.

Just wanted to send my thanks out to the community for such a great year; for all your feedback, and help generating new language key-maps - without you this would not be possible?

Wishing you a Happy 2014 and keep on Ducking!!!


For all those new Duck owners you might be interested in https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28627-info-how-i-wrote-the-community-edition-firmware/ , I am hoping this will inspire you to pick up the code, and further the development of this cool device - you never know I might have missed something, and you'll generate even cooler firmwares compared to the code I've already developed.

(Think 2014 might be year of the Pineapple ;) )

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