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sslstrip on kali weird issues and request


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hi all,

have been messing around with this on my home network but have come accross a few bugs / issues and was after some advice. have tried google but cant seem to find the answer

99% of my log is full of

http://schemas.xmlsoap.org type links

and sslstrip in ther terminal spits out a ton of python2.7 errors **now according to the interwebs this is normal for a 64bit version of kali

and there is no known fix, though some of those posts are old.

so was wondering if anyone here in the hak5 communinty had a fix for it.

also for the request part

is there a simple .sh or .py script that can output sslstrip logs to specific directory in my /home/sslstrip/ folder

like facebook yahoo gmail and so on

as with the http://schemas.xmlsoap.org filling the log and watching with tail -f sslstrip.log it gets annoying


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Not sure, but just a thought. http://www.thoughtcrime.org/software/sslstrip/

  • Python >= 2.5 (apt-get install python)
  • The python "twisted-web" module (apt-get install python-twisted-web)

If you are getting python "2.7" errors and the requirements say "python 2.5" I would check. It may not be the issue, but being a python programer myself, a lot changes throughout the versions. I would make sure it supports 2.7. If it doesn't just install 2.5. You can have both versions installed at the same time. Hope this helps.

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