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Trigger LEDs for notifications


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I would like to use the leds to segnalise me when something happened.

For example im running bully on my pineapple and it would be nice if one of the leds turns on or starts blinking when bully found the key.

Is this possible?


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I dont have a direct way to achieve this, but if you look into the blackout infusion by newbi3 and find out how the lights are being turned on and off, and then use that to write a script where an event triggers the led's this may be a way to accomplish this.

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Might not be what you're looking for, but there be certain kmods you can get via opkg and configure them in a file, i did this with the WPS led on my Mark IV and dont see any reason why it wouldnt work in this case. I think the package names were called stuff like 'kmod-led-heartbeat', search the Open WRT wiki for more info on that kinda stuff.

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