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Pineapple Juice 12800 - charge voltage - info needed


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Today I received a pineapple mark V elite kit as a gift! After playing a bit it seems that when my friend drilled the holes in the case and set everything up the charger for the 12800 battery was lost.

Question, is the charge circuitry part of the battery pack and the wall wart is just a constant voltage output


does the wall wart contain the charge circuitry and the battery pack is just a battery?

Hopefully this makes sense, any info would be greatly appreciated.

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No one can tell me if the wall wart just provides constant voltage or if its an actual battery charger?

Even if you are not sure can someone tell me the model number on the wall wart is and I can try and look it up?

I sent an email to the hak shop but i'm sure with the holidays they are spending time with family etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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After getting the info from Bill_3 I decided to try and just charge it using my bench power supply since it seems the charge circuitry is contained in the battery pack.

I set the voltage to 12.6 volts and limited the current to just over 1 amp. To my surprise I was able to up the current to over 1.3 amps before I chickened out and set it back to 1 amp.

I completely discharged the battery and let it charge over night, not sure how long it actually took to charge but once the current draw dropped to zero I knew it was ready to go.

I found that the center pin on the charging input is positive, image below is of it charging


And now you can see that the current draw has dropped to almost zero


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