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Possible Windows countermeasures encountered


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Have been trying some modified HID firmware code and have been getting a popup every time I plug in the ducky that says 'Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (J:). '. Basically was tweaking some of the Ducky HID v 2.1 firmware with modified serial number and device strings in the 'conf_USB.h' file. I changed nothing else in the code. The box that I encountered this on was Windows 7. I will keep looking into what caused this, but this is all I know. Here are the device strings I used:

#define  USB_DEVICE_MANUFACTURE_NAME      "(Standard keyboards)"
#define  USB_DEVICE_PRODUCT_NAME          "HID Keyboard"
#define  USB_DEVICE_SERIAL_NAME           "155634832485"

I downloaded the source code quite a while ago though, maybe it has been changed more recently? It should still run correctly though, right? I am also having some keyboard input problems when it does run. Keeps typing 'ee' instead of GUI key. This is the batch file I use to compile and move my code to the root of my ducky drive:

java -jar encoder.jar -i ScriptName.txt -o inject.bin
cp inject.bin ../inject.bin

Am using encoder V 2.6. I will upgrade to the next encoder and see if that fixes the typing issue.

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Ok, so I removed the code setting the serial number, I guess the Ducky HID v 2.1 may already have some serial number setting code. This may have been setting off the system message. I will have to look again. So the main error that is getting me right now is that instead of typing GUI, the ducky is typing 'e'. Does anybody know what's going on? I even changed the encoder to US, which it should be by default to see if that would solve the error.

java -jar encoder.jar -i ScriptName.txt -o inject.bin -l us
cp inject.bin ../inject.bin
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