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Not working on MacBook Retina :(


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Hello Hak5 community,

Allow me to start off by letting any moderators know that I researched this issue, including the forum, but did not find the answer.

I registered the account on here actually mainly for this issue...

I have a Macbook Retina model (no Ethernet port), and ordered a usb ethernet adapter (http://www.amazon.com/Plugable-Gigabit-Ethernet-Chromebook-Specific/dp/B003VSTDFG/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&qid=1387873226&sr=8-12&keywords=wifi+ethernet)

I was having issues with that adapter showing up under the sharing options of the Mac, so I ordered an official Mac USB adapter (I am very tight on budget, but was desperate).

My current issue...

I tried all the steps connecting it to Mac OSX by going off the main pineapple tutorial on youtube.

I did the all whole 9 yards,

set service order, configured ip, subnet mask, dns server

I cannot connect to the wifi homepage through USB-ethernet connection (I can if I connect through Wifi)

I couldn't find the IP that the web browser was trying to access cause I heard people saying use a different IP and I reset the computer and the router various times.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you to all the 1337 h4x0rs out there!

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It's a friendly community here, questions/problems are always welcome. :) I have a Mac and will try to help as best as I can. I have not connected over ethernet before however.

1. USB -> Ethernet adapter you purchased, is recognised by OSX? For example, when you plug a cable into the back of your home router, and into that adapter connected to your Mac, do you get an ip? If yes, great, the adapater isn't the problem.

2. Connect your ethernet cable to the pineapple and adapter, and turn it on. Open up Safari and try to browse to . No login page? Go to network preferences, what does it say? Is it showing the ethernet as connected, or any status message/ip? (Better still, open up Terminal, and type 'ifconfig' with no quotes. Paste the output here with the code tool.)

3.Chriswhat posted a step by step a little while back. Give it a go, and again do an ifconfig via Terminal and post the output here with the code tool.

Originally posted by Chriswhat

If you're just trying to connect to your Pineapple's web UI from your Mac via ethernet cable, complete the following steps:

1) Open your System Preferences

2) Select "Network"

3) In the left pane of your Network settings, select "Ethernet"

4) Make the following configurations:

  • Configure IPv4: "Manually"
  • IP Address: ""
  • Subnet Mask: ""
  • Router: <leave this blank>

5) Select the "Advanced" button

6) Select the "DNS" tab

7) Select the "+" button

8) For the DNS Server, enter "" and then select the "OK" button

10) Select the "Apply" button and close your System Preferences

Now, connect your Pineapple to your Mac via the ethernet cable and navigate to ""

You should have access to your Pineapple's web UI.

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Thank you so much MWDemo. I really appreciate the help. Setting this up is a bit frustrating, and you're making my experience a whole lot more pleasant

So I managed to login to Wifi Pineapple homepage while having internet connection through Wifi. However, the homepage did not seem to have access to the internet.

The sharing connection was on, but nothing seems to happen.


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I have to ask the question.... Why are you trying to set it up this way? Not that it doesn't work... It does. But it is no longer the default setup for Internet Connection Sharing for the Pineapple because the Mark5 has two radios built in, one specifically for Client mode. Just want to know what is driving you towards this particular hard wired method of ICS when a much easier version is now used.

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I appreciate you asking the question; I did not even know that pineapple wifi could connect as a client while broadcasting its signal for others to connect (excuse the noob terminology).

My next question, could you kindly point me to a tutorial how I do that? I did not manage to find anything.

Thanks again for everyones help!

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This forum has a new section called WiFi Pineapple University...


It's relatively new, and they are still working on it, but the one you want is "Connect to a Nearby AP in Client Mode". The link below is straight to it on Youtube, but you should really check out the other videos as well.

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