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fios update, networking idea and qrtag idea


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Hey I am having no luck with the actiontec. What I did, plugged the ethernet cable fron the ont into my laptop. Next I put the static ip in my laptop. Went through the walled garden setup. I tested it out downloaded kali in about 5 minutes. My plan of action is to uplug the ethernet cable next see if I have tv. If the fios tv stil works I will buy an CISCO857-K9-RF isr router supports 802.1q trunking. Use a 2960 switch to make seperate vlans for each wan ip address. Should be able to use all 5 ip addresses segmented by vlans. The trunking and dot1q is for another post. Give all 5 subinterfaces an ip address. It might take some research and doing but I think I will work. The thing is I dont need to route between vlans I just need to fire data to the internet.

Networking and qrtag; has anyone used redit for networking for events. Last is an idea Qrtags link to a youtube page if you have videos you want to share. For videos youtube tends to be more universal for phones and tablets. Also if you have a photobook find a way to link to that. They are great marketing tools.

please share your thoughts.

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