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Nokia N900 & Cowpatty issue


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Hi I was wondering if someone could help with a problem I'm having, the problem is with cowpatty, I'm using on win 8, which seems to work okay using admin powershell, but when I enter the ssid or -s B____0 it responds with this : must supply the SSID for the network with -s. I'm sure these are small problems but thought I could get some help on this forum, I've been able to access wep on the nokia n900 no problem while using wireshark, but I'm using the n900 to capture wpa, transferring to computer and using cowpatty to solve.

thanks for any help.

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I'm sorry that I don't have a solution to your problem, but I wanted to ask you, How is using the N900 and Pwnphone? is it worth buying one now and using it? Or is it not worth the time and $$$ and wait for the "ubuntu phone" and wait for that to be turned into a Kali phone, lol. Since the internals are old, I heard its unbearingly slow. But pretty cool that the built in wifi is capable of Mon0 and Packet injection

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