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Blinking Blue & Yellow lights after flashing.


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I am running into a problem with upgrading to the new firmware. The pineapple froze after the download, during the install process. It was flashing blue and yellow lights at the same time. I followed the instructions to do a factory reset and everything seemed to be working fine. I browsed over to the web-interface and set my new password, the pineapple stated that the system is now completing setup. A few lights flashed, now the blue and yellow lights are flashing simultaneously again and I am unable to proceed with logging in. Should I reflash and try all over again? I was able to log into the web interface once before.

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At the end of the day with some fresh eyes, I disconnected the Ethernet and connected to the Pineapple through WiFi and was able to get past the login screen. So far so good, now I need to figure out how to primarily connect to it using ETH0, I am pretty sure it's going to be the wp5.sh install.

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