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Save ap password!


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I have a mobile broadband (4G) and an ADSL connection at home! mobile broadband, I take with me when I leave home and need internet access

Is there any solution so that mkv remember the ap (wifi) it has been connected to ?

so I do not set the ap password when the different wifi is available??

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I've come up with something to do this after reading through tons of posts..

Connect to your mobile ap and get everything running in regards to wlan0 and wlan1.

SCP into the pineapple

Navigate to /etc/config

Copy the wireless file to your desktop and rename it to wirelessmobile or something


Navigate to your SD card.

Create a directory called startup

Copy your wirelessmobile file into the new directory

Create a dip switch to run this command

cp /sd/startup/wirelessmobile /etc/config/wireless; uci commit wireless; wifi

Now every time you startup with that dipswitch, it copies your wirelessmobile profile and runs it.

You can do the same with a default profile with all up dip switches or create one for specific locations, Startbucks etc..

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