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Has anyone done a full solar install?


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We are thinking about doing a few permanent installations in remote locations. There is no power and no way to get power to them.

So, we are looking to using a 50W solar panel (we also want to run a camera) and a deep cycle battery with a charge controller.

Has anyone else done this?

In the end we may want to do multiple nodes. And it is looking like our cost on just the solar electrics will be around $240 per unit. This doesn’t include the Mark V or any housing.

So it will probably be around $500 all said and done with the camera.

Any recommendations? Your thoughts?

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I just got mine two days ago. I'm onto a similar project.

Mine involves replacing the pelican case with other outdoor box, replace both antennas with a 14 dbi panel.

yes i know they are directional antennas, this is already taken in consideration.

So. using the batter shipped with the pelican case I will also addd a charge controller plus a 3G modem.

have you done any measures yet? related on how much the device consumes?

do you know where can we ask?

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