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New hotmail sign-in screen


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Its just a new look, It may look different but hotmail is still hotmail. Its just way to insecure for me.

Its insecure? Do you have something to back this up? If you ignore the xss injection that it has then it isnt that insecure, and if anything yahoo is more insecure then hotmail, and also gmail has had a few very nasty bugs, so what makes hotmail insecure?

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Why the hell are you using internet explorer


Now all that aside i use gmail and u should too, 2gbs of storage,

but seriously get firefox and gmail it will rly help u alot hotmails total crap

gmail isnt that good, i have a gmail and a hotmail account. I use my hotmail for alot more things then my gmail account, and my gmail account gets alot more spam, now how is that when only a few people know my gmail addy? :/ oh and firefox is also shit get opera.

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my hotmail has uber spam

my first gmail had spam, but thats cos i put it on a website and spiders crawled it and i got uber spam

my 2nd gmail no spam at all, no websites signup and not on websites

my 2nd hotmail, no spam at all, no websites signup and not on websites

the reason why hotmail normally gets more spam is its more known so people program spam bots to target them because more people use it

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I have firefox, but I use msn messenger, and it tells me when I have a new email. and when I click on it to access my email, it pops open IE. That is the only time that I use IE. For all other things, I use Firefox all they way.

Plus, I just use my hotmail account for everything else, it is not my main email account.

But thanks for the info though.

</me has learned new information>

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yup hotmail is a pile of poop. Ive had messages take a good 2hrs to arrive in my inbox. gmail is far superior, functions features etc... If one uses the firefox extension 'customiseGoogle', one can eliminate the google ads too.

ps..using I.E?...for shame..for shame!

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hotmail shits me cos there's no POP access

i use my uni's email + thunderbirdportable

i do have a hotmail account, everyone was on msn messenger during high school. The new windows live email is better than their old web email client, but still sucks major donkey testicles compared to gmail

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