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Do you open VPN on your iPhone?


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Generally all of us make use of iPhone in public places wi-fi systems and incredibly frequently these types of Online connections are extremely hazardous and unsecure. Which means that your personal information could be intercept if you don't make use of any kind of unique resources to safeguard your own privateness.

iPhone VPN is the best tool to secure your phone, to make use of vpn in your apple iphone you don't any extra software. A person simply need to understand your own vpn accounts information that are generally supplied by your own vpn supplier.

To create a VPN Connection in your apple iphone following these steps:

1. Go to the main screen of your Iphone.

2. Select Settings > General > Network > VPN.

3. Click Add VPN Configuration.

4. Choose PPTP VPN.

5. Enter you vpn account data.

6. Save vpn configuration.

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I use OpenVPN on my computers, but I don't on my phone, because apps can override and take control of the phone, so I tend to not even use Wifi on my phone except at home when transferring files, then I disable it. Phones these days, are so insecure, I tend not to trust anything on them, and for the most part, just use it for talk and text. Only app I wish mine would run, is the Verizon Fem to Cell app (I'm on virgin, not compatible with my phone) which tells you when someone else might be intercepting your calls and texts, since it can identify when you've been moved from a cell tower, to someones local Fem to Cell like at their home, or dare I say, the mall and shopping stores who spy on shoppers, let alone anyone else with the know how.

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From my readings of VPN, PPTP is the last protocol to use. Like WEP is for WiFi.

Um, WEP, DO NOT USE. WPA2 at a minimum and make sure not to pair with WPS! If you use WPS, turn it off if capable to disable it on the AP. WEP can be cracked in under 3 minutes on most hardware and WPS, even with WPA2 enabled, can allow someone to gain access to the wifi using something like Reaver, so WPS Pin hacking is a possibility if not disabled as well.

As for VPN, PPTP, is NOT the strongest(and would also avoid L2TP if possible), just the most widely deployed with cell phones for "ease of use" and simplicity, but not for security. On a phone, even less effective due to the way apps can control a phone regardless of VPN type you use, but if you can, use OpenVPN if your phone supports it and you must use a VPN.

Do some more research, but PPTP is less protective than other solutions in most cases, and as mentioned, I wouldn't use PPTP on a phone. If your phone has OpenVPN capabilitites, use that instead, but still, depending on the phone and security of the device, most phone security today is still lacking, which even with a strong VPN on a phone, one bad/rouge app, or security hole in the phone, someone can read all your data before it connects to the VPN if they manage to take control of the phone before you connect over the VPN.

FYI: http://www.giganews.com/vyprvpn/compare-vpn-protocols.html



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There are different VPN protocols to use such as

Guard your online identity with PPTP VPN.

Protect your web presence efficiently with OPenVPN

Best Online protection with L2TP VPN.

SSTP VPN protocols provide safer online access

Protect your self online with SSH VPN.

You should read more about VPN protocols.. Here you can read efficient details about VPN Protocols for iPhone.

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