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Rogue AP


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You're not wrong. Just like @barry99705 said, "if it's not the same key, it's not the same network"

In my experience the MAC isn't as important. Again, two routers in my house, each one with different MACs, but my devices will go between the two seamlessly. I'm sure in a more complex situation, cloning the MAC would be necessary.

What is it exactly that you're trying to do?

Gotcha -- the mac thing makes perfect sense to me. Have the same type of environment in my apartment.

Well, my original perception of evil twin was that I could bring up the same SSID, clone the MAC, deauth a client from original AP, and get that client to connect to my AP instead. In my test environment, I was intending to do this without the knowledge of the key (and as if it wasn't in a dictionary, and long/complex). After realizing that I absolutely need that key though, I'm no longer trying to accomplish this under these circumstances since it doesn't appear to be possible.

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