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Quackers - DuckScript editor


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Hi fellow duckers,

Having recently purchased a ducky and had some fun with it, I was inspired to write a DuckScript editor & port the compiler to Qt (http://qt-project.org). It is designed to be cross-platform and anyone with a little software experience should be able to build it.

The code is not elegant and the compiler stuff is just a rework of Darrens work, so credit to him for that. That said all the stuff I have done is there for the taking, fork & bork it I don't mind, hopefully someone will like it.

Where do you find it -> https://github.com/jasonfagan/quackers

What does it look like -> ss1.jpg


Quacker is very much a work in progress and I have yet to try the compiled code on my ducky, although comparing the output from the Java version it seems ok.


Q: Will you provide compiled versions?

A: Probably, but I have other things to do at the moment.

Q: I found a bug, can you fix it?

A: Well I will try, submit an issue https://github.com/jasonfagan/quackers/issues and I will do my best.

Q: Can I request a feature?

A: You don't get if you don't ask, I can't promise it will get done. Use the issues page to submit a request.

Q: Your software borked my ________, you son-of-a-&$%^#!!

A: Sorry, the software is very much "try at your own risk", although I can't see any reason it would be risky.

Q: I love this!! Can I send you a gift/bare your children/be your slave?

A: No, no no nononnnnnnno! :) Please don't, if you feel like you need to give, give to a good charity/cause.

Q: Can I use the code in my own projects?

A: Sure, I would be flattered that you do, feel free to mention my name, although it is not required :)

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