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[Infusion Idea] Extremely Powerful Python Creds program - LANs.py


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Multithreaded asynchronous packet parsing/injecting ARP poisoner.
Individually poisons the ARP tables of the target box, the router and the DNS server if necessary. Does not poison anyone else on the network. Displays all most the interesting bits of their traffic and can inject custom html into pages they visit. Cleans up after itself.
Prereqs: Linux, scapy, python nfqueue-bindings 0.4.3+, aircrack-ng, python twisted, BeEF (optional), and a wireless card capable of promiscuous mode if you choose not to use the -ip option
Tested on Kali 1.0. In the following examples will be the attacking machine and will be the victim.

All options:

python LANs.py [-h] [-b BEEF] [-c CODE] [-u] [-ip IPADDRESS] [-vmac VICTIMMAC] [-d]
[-v] [-dns DNSSPOOF] [-r IPADDRESS] [-set] [-p] [-na] [-n] [-i INTERFACE]
[-rip ROUTERIP] [-rmac ROUTERMAC] [-pcap PCAP]



Is it possible to have the above as an infusion or to get this to interact with the Mark V? This would be a great addition.

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Hey Sailor,

I have installed scapy, but not to sure about nfqueue-bindings. Do you or anyone else have any ideas?


Edit: Posted a feature request on his Github. He replied very quickly, and has heard about the pineapple, which is promising. I pointed him to this forum topic where there are people that have more knowledge then me to get this into an infusion. Lets make it happen!


Dev: DanMcInerney

"My friend was just talking about how he might need it for javascript keylogger injection on his Mark V. I'd be honored to have it in an infusion. Let me know if you need anything done. Actually I realize that we'll probably need to eliminate the arp spoofing portion if it's on the pineapple."

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I'm gonna work on this a bit, I think. Could you tell me how you got Scapy installed? I've never worked in such a confined space -- I downloaded scapy-latest.tar.gz and tried to compile on the pineapple (don't laugh) -- I ran out of space on the drive.

So my question is how can I package up these dependencies? Is it possible to compile them elsewhere?

I also see that the Wifi Pineapple Mark V is running OpenWRT which supports the package manager opkg -- this means that Scapy and nfqueue should be packaged in addition to lans.py. This would allow us to use the package manager to manage dependencies along side the other infusions. Other people could build packages using scapy and not have to include it twice.

Any help on how to compile in a tight area like this?


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Hey shadesoflight, welcome to the forums!

It was a couple of weeks ago, but I think I just downloaded scapy, transferred it onto the SD card, and ran the python install script:

1) Download the latest scapy via http://scapy.net/ then unzip, then transfer to your SD card on your pineapple via sftp
2) SSH into the pineapple, then "python setup.py install" in the directory you transferred the scapy directory into.

3) Should be good to go!

I stopped diving deeper when I saw the dev upstream was working on it. I like your enthusiasm though, especially about making your own packages! Sounds very interesting! Would be great to get easy-creds packaged as well.

Let me know if the above doesn't do it, and I'll try it out again.

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Yeah, that didn't work for me. I ran out of space after running the python setup command.

Hmm :)

I'm going to find out how I did this for you by tonight, I was up very late when I got it installed, memory is a bit hazy! Just to be sure, you did try this on the SD card, not the internal memory, correct? Scapy isn't very big (Around 2MB)

I pre-built the package on my mac, prefix'd the install directory, and transferred over the components manually. Not really fool-proof. I wonder how the other packages are installed... are they just scripts?

Some of the infusions leverage packages already available via opkg (I think), others don't. For example, Whistlemaster is integrating Bully into his Reaver infusion.

Foxtrot/Sebkine/Whistlemaster, could you shed some light here for shadesoflight?

Good luck!

Edit: Wiki on infusions for good measure: http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Creating_Infusions

Edit2: Screenshot of where I dropped the scapy folder. (I first unzipped it, then put the scapy folder into the /sd/

Also the scapy-dev link which I used. https://pypi.python.org/pypi/scapy


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ahh dropping scapy into the sd mount is smart :)

I installed openWRT on my router, also, so I could get some more experience with what a native install looks like. I'm going to play around a bit more with opkg and see whats available already (nfqueue?) and get lans.py working first, then move onto packaging it :)

Thanks for the support!

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any updates on this? this sounds awesome!

I was thing about porting LANs.py into the Mark V, but since you guys already started something I would like to know if is possible before starting to bang my head in the table =P

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