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critics of everything including the pineapple


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I was looking for open firmware for routers. Just for fun I put pineapple in. We will leave it at that. There are some goofy and mean people on the net. Critical of the pineapple they are computer columnists with nothing better to do then scare people. I am going to try open wrt to see what it can do. The post about lawyer up shut your mouth is cool. Why do businesses have free WIFI? The same reason they have live music, sports on TV. To get people to spend money. Buy coffee, beer and wine at happy hour, food and mixed drinks while listening to live music. Make business travelers feel good at their hotel. Did I miss any reasons for businesses to provide WIFI. Lots of businesses lock down WIFI so only Customers can use it. Businesses should put a page at the into to their wifi to tell people what wifi they are on to cover their own ass. For fun people crack the Wep wps on some. Lots of them use phone numbers and addresses as wep and wpa keys. Local city govt provide WIFI ours is locked down with a proxy. Most cable companies provide free WIFI in their service area some even offer it to other companies customers. if needed find a friend on a cable high speed internet set up a sub account for you. Use the user name and password and you are on. Thanks for putting up with the long post.

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