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Quick Wordpress question


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I noticed that the Hak.5 web site was put together by Wordpress and that it also has an RSS feeder - Is that a feature of wordpress, a separate plugin, or an entirely different entity.

I'm wondering because I'd like to get some easy RSS action going on my news page, but I don't want to ditch my existing stuff I coded by hand for a one-click install thing (wordpress is a 1 click install option with my provider) if it doesn't have the features that I want to add.

Pride vs Practicality - what a bitch.

Anyhoo, even a yes or no would be fine. Thanks, guys.

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The RSS fead is a feature of wordpress, but if you don't want to abandon your existing code, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to implement one yourself, since RSS is just XML.

If you have a news page that gets its info from a database, just make a php (or whatever language) page, feed.php, and have that page conform to one of the RSS standards. So basically, you would just have a loop to generate:



      <title>your article title</title>

      <link>a link for more info</link>

      <description>Any info</description>

      <pubDate>Tue, 15 Oct 2003 10:39:00 GMT</pubDate>


Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSS_(file_format)

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