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DDOS Attacks again


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Well hello there,

I want to start a general discussion about DDOS attacks ( I know, we are all sick of this thematic ^^)

General spoken, those attacks are illegal for 2 reasons:

1: someone needs to infect a computer with a bot; the user himself won't know he is part of this attack

2: one person decides about a site being slowed or denied

So, forget about those 2 points, what I think about may sound a bit whiteknigth-like.

What if someone would make a website or a tiny java applet for example, which is available free over the net.

Whenever there is a rumor, protest or someone fallen in dislike (like german fashist party), you find thousands of angry people. They don't have guns , they don't have power, but they all got a smartphone

(or at least a computer).

How about letting them know there is actually a way to deny TV stations who work against them or shut down a website of the opposition? If all of them agree and use the site or application WHILE agree with the term of use which says the writer of the attack code is not responsible for the use of it, an angry mob with smartphones soon became a mobile DDOS envoirement.....

In my understanding this would be similar to "all people visit their facebook account at one time" , which is not illegal, or do I missunderstand something?

My question is:

Would this concept work out && would this method still be illegal?

I know that one had to explain people what they are doing and why it is important, but I never said this project would work out with no effort.....

Please give me a constructive feedback about your opinion to this thematic.

(PLS pardon my bad engruish :D )

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Until DoS attacks is seen as a legal form of protest in any country by the courts or even say the United Nations or some sort of civil liberties group manages to get it legalized, any way you slice it, you participate in a DDoS attack, you're most likely going to get yourself in trouble. I can understand the means for wanting civil protest, but DoS attacks to me, aren't exactly peaceful assembly, at least, for what it's described as for Americans. Every other country has their own laws. We can't even have protests here in America these days without it becoming a police state mentality where they show up and pepper spray, beat, arrest, and ask questions later, even if all you were doing was walking to work down the same sidewalk as protesters.

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Thanks for your reply, I hope I got everything right (you make very long sentences :D).

I think you are right and the countrys would soon create a law to prohibit this.

I want to add that not one person will aim and fire the attack, but the people would vote for it and declare they know what they are doing.

In my opinion this would be like a occupy, where people come together in front of a bank f.e. and block it.

It's sad to hear about bad situation in America, my cousin there told similar storys about police state mentality.

I think I will have to look up IT laws and inform me first, here in Germany we have a relative great freedom of protest and it could work out.

Thank you, I guess I will take this question to some other forums too,

if anybody has an oppinion to this or knows specific laws or something, I would be happy about a reply

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In many of the cases against those arrested, such as members of anonymous, their lawyers have tried the cases of many whom were just regular people who weren't even part of anonymous, and saw it as something like the 60's protests, like a sit in. One man, who used the LOIC from his mothers home, thinking he was standing with others for freedom or protest, was sentenced to house arrest(better than being in federal prison I guess) and not allowed to touch or use computers for some length of time I don't recall, but will prevent him from getting jobs, now has a record of a computer crime and follows him the rest of his life.

The anonymous documentary can be found on YouTUBE as well(if you haven't seen it already), and I think he is one of the people interviewed in the video, explaining his side of the story. The courts still found him guilty though, so even if a majority of people vote to take action as a whole, unless its lawful action protected by the local state laws in the residing area, chances are those participating will still be breaking the law and if they are able to identify and arrest any of the people most likely they'll get some sort of charge that will negatively impact them for the rest of their life, even if what they were doing was in the best interest of the people as a whole.

Not saying everyone should always follow the laws; lets face it, its a personal choice and one has to take responsibility to their own morals and values as to what they believe to be right and just, and if its worth the risk. I'm not a lawyer though, and am not in any position to give anyone legal advice, or any other kind, for or against actions taken against someone or some entity in form of DDoS attacks.

I think they serve little in actually changing the outcome of what the protesters want changed though, but just my opinion. They may make a statement, and things come more to the forefront and get media attention in areas where people were not paying attention to before, and that might lead to other means of change if higher up people get involved to change laws or investigate wrong doings, but like OpWallStreet and many of the others that were happening around the world, a lot of them kind of self imploded with little to no change for the better or had no positive outcome for the protesters, while bringing world wide attention to the problems, not much has changed other than putting it on the medias radar and making the news companies money and allowing the local and state governments to put stricter laws on the books and heftier sentences for those doing things such as system break-ins, like the PayPal, Sony, PBS and other such attacks.

Kind of sad really, because we look at places like Syria, and the conviction of the people for how long they've been trying for change now in places like Egypt and the middle east in general, and as much as the people want a peaceful resolve, I think the world has kind of sat back too silently without stepping in and helping to make a positive change that benefits the people, and not the leaders in power.

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