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Cannot connect via wifi


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So I am in the WifiPineapple V interface, and I am connected via internet. I even configured my pineapple to connect to my hotspot on my mobile phone. I enabled karma and even changed the wifi name.

However, my phone or my MBP won't connect. The SSID shows up, but when I go to connect to it on my mac. It just tries to connect then gives up. When I go to connect on my phone it just says "Saved" - Doesn't try to connect or get an IP address or anything.

What could be going on. Bad firmware?

I am a noob when it comes to actual network security. I am more of a webapp security guy myself.

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I checked for updates and no avail.

Also, it doesn't seem like anything is working. I tried turning on DNSSpoof and going to example.com and it doesn't take me to example.com/example.html

Also it doesn't SSLStrip properly. I get all the logs, but when I go to a website it doesn't take out https. Although it still logs everything, but it is encrypted.

I am connected via ethernet and I can connect to the pineapple and to the internet. But when I try to connect to the wifi, nothing.

My guess is that it is broadcasting the SSID but won't respond to any request. ALso, not sure what's going on with SSLStrip/DNSSPoof.

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Try using only one tool at a time for starters.

Are you trying to connect to it via the pineapple SSID or karma?

For me, there's only one IP. Even when karma is turned on it's the same thing.

ALso, I thnk my pineapple was defective. I used my friends who wanted me to set it up for him and i got his up and running with no problem.

DNS spoof is still not working. Even when I flush DNS, it still wants to resolve to the correct host and not do redirect.html

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