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Power Adapter for Pineapple Juice 1800


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I was wondering if it is possible to use the power adapter that came with the Wifi Pineapple to power the Pineapple Juice 1800? I live in the UK and have got a UK plug for the Wifi Pineapple and a US for the Juice. I know it sounds abit of a n00bie question but I can remember skimming over a forum and someone mentioned something about their Juice not charging with the other cable. Didn't want to risk any damage!

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The charger that comes with the Pineapple Juice is meant to charge the battery. It does the bulk, absorption and float charging. Sorry it doesn't come with an adapter. We're looking into sourcing those. Here's more info on 3-phase charging:


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Here's what I did (due to being very impatient)

1. Removed the innards from the charger plug (1 screw)

2. Cut the 2 pin wires (both are red)

3. Attached the 2 wires to a cable with UK plug on it (red to Blue, red to Brown, crossed fingers) 3A fuse

4. Housed it all back into an IP20 box, it's translucent so I can see the LEDs

All seems fine, & it can be returned to new with 2 spots of solder :)



Charged overnight no problems + my house is still standing!

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whats the 3A fuse for? and where was it placed in?

im considering doing a similar thing. ordered a converted of ebay for $1, but i assume my solution/your layout will prob be better anyways and quicker. too cheap to buy one locally haha (pineapple cost $170AUD, which is alot for a student :P).

Good Job Mysophobe, thanks for keeping us updated.

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